Tom the Dancing Bug Haitian Relief Challenge

Got an email from Ruben Bolling regarding his participation in helping raise money for Save the Children (an established charity helping provide relief in Haiti). If you wish to donate (or donate more), visit Ruben’s webpage at and donate. Ruben will provide original art to the top donors.

If you make your donation to Save the Children (a four-star charity that is one of the leaders in providing relief to Haiti) through a donation page I set up, (the extra “g” is for extra giving), you could win an original drawing that I will create just for you.

I will contact the people who made the top two donations on this page by February 6 (just over two weeks from today, so ACT NOW), and I will create an illustration of their choice and send it to them. It will be pen and ink, and can feature Tom the Dancing Bug character(s), or scene(s), or anything at all, on bristol board paper, which makes for great kindling.

See his blog for additional information.