One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages updated list

Earlier this month, I reported that Stay Tooned! editor/publisher John Read was curating a traveling exhibit through the South. The exhibit entitled “One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages” featured original Sunday artwork from over 70 cartoonists. John has sent me the updated list which is now over a 100 participants.

  • ADAM@HOME – Rob Harrell
  • AGNES – Tony Cochran
  • ALLEY OOP – Jack Bender
  • ANDY CAPP – Roger Mahoney
  • Alex Saviuk
  • ANIMAL CRACKERS – Fred Wagner
  • ANNIE – Ted Slampyak
  • APARTMENT 3-G – Frank Bolle
  • ARCHIE – Fernando Ruiz
  • ARCTIC CIRCLE – Alex Hallett
  • Scott Hilburn
  • ARLO & JANIS – Jimmy Johnson
  • B.C. – John Hart Studio
  • BABY BLUES – Rick Kirkman
  • BALLARD STREET – Jerry Van Amerongen
  • BARN, THE – Ralph Hagen
  • BEETLE BAILEY – Mort Walker
  • BETTER HALF, THE – Randy Glasbergen
  • BETWEEN FRIENDS – Sandra Bell-Lundy
  • BIG NATE – Lincoln Peirce
  • BLONDIE – John Marshall
  • BORN LOSER, THE – Chip Sansom
  • BOUND & GAGGED – Dana Summers
  • BRENDA STARR – June Brigman
  • BROOM-HILDA – Russell Myers
  • BUCKETS, THE – Greg Cravens
  • CANDORVILLE – Darrin Bell
  • CLEATS – Bill Hinds
  • CLOSE TO HOME – John McPherson
  • CORNERED – Mike Baldwin
  • CRANKSHAFT – Chuck Ayers
  • CUL DE SAC – Richard Thompson
  • CURTIS – Ray Billingsley
  • DENNIS THE MENACE – Ron Ferdinand
  • DIAMOND LIL – Brett Koth
  • DOG EAT DOUG – Brian Anderson
  • DOONESBURY – Garry Trudeau
  • DUSTIN – Jeffry Parker
  • EDGE CITY – Terry LaBan
  • ELDERBERRIES, THE – Corey Pandolph
  • FLASH GORDON – Jim Keefe
  • FORT KNOX – Paul Jon
  • FOXTROT – Bill Amend
  • FRANK & ERNEST – Tom Thaves
  • FRAZZ – Jef Mallett
  • GARFIELD – Jim Davis
  • GASOLINE ALLEY – Jim Scancarelli
  • GINGER MEGGS – Jason Chatfield
  • GRIN AND BEAR IT – Fred Wagner
  • HEART OF THE CITY – Mark Tatulli
  • HERB AND JAMAAL – Stephen Bentley
  • HI & LOIS – Chance Browne
  • Hy Eisman
  • KNIGHT LIFE, THE – Keith Knight
  • LIO – Mark Tatulli
  • LITTLE DOG LOST – Steve Boreman
  • LOCKHORNS, THE – John Reiner
  • LUANN – Greg Evans
  • MARMADUKE – Brad Anderson
  • MIDDLETONS, THE – Ralph Dunagin
  • MOMMA – Mell Lazarus
  • MONTY – Jim Meddick
  • MUTTS – Patrick McDonnell
  • NANCY – Guy Gilchrist
  • NON SEQUITUR – Wiley Miller
  • OFF THE MARK – Mark Parisi
  • OLLIE AND QUENTIN – Piers Baker
  • ON A CLAIRE DAY – Carla Ventresca
  • ON THE FASTRACK – Bill Holbrook
  • ONE BIG HAPPY – Rick Detorie
  • OTHER COAST, THE – Adrian Raeside
  • OVER THE HEDGE – T Lewis
  • PAJAMA DIARIES – Terri Libenson
  • PEARLS…SWINE – Stephan Pastis
  • PHANTOM, THE – Paul Ryan
  • PICKLES – Brian Crane
  • PLUGGERS – Gary Brookins
  • POOCH CAFÃ? Paul Gilligan
  • POPEYE – Hy Eisman
  • PRICKLY CITY – Scott Stantis
  • PRINCE VALIANT – Gary Gianni
  • PROS & CONS – Kieran Meehan
  • RED AND ROVER – Brian Basset
  • RETAIL – Norm Feuti
  • REX MORGAN, M.D. – Graham Nolan
  • ROSE IS ROSE – Don Wimmer
  • RUBES – Leigh Ruben
  • SCARY GARY – Mark Buford
  • SHERMAN’S LAGOON – Jim Toomey
  • SHOE – Chris Cassatt
  • SIX CHIX – Margaret Shulock
  • SNUFFY SMITH – John Rose
  • SOUP TO NUTZ – Rick Stromoski
  • SPEED BUMP – Dave Coverly
  • STONE SOUP – Jan Eliot
  • TANK McNAMARA – Bill Hinds
  • TINA’S GROOVE – Rina Piccolo
  • TUNDRA – Chad Carpenter
  • W.T. DUCK – Aaron Johnson
  • WATCH YOUR HEAD – Cory Thomas
  • Jeff Parker
  • ZACK HILL – John Deering
  • ZITS – Jim Borgman

14 thoughts on “One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages updated list

  1. I should point out, Alan, that it’s not YET an exhibition. I wanted to have a solid line-up of cartoonists agreeing to participate before I began to try to “sell” One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages to museums and colleges. Now that I have such an all-star list, I will begin, next week, contacting potential venues. Surely, such a unique and unprecedented exhibit of comics, from the oldest to the youngest, will not be a hard sell.

    Also, you’ll notice that each strip listed above has only one name attached to it. Obviously, many of these strips have two or more creators; the names listed with the strips are, in most cases, just who my contact person is. No disrespect toward the co-creators of any these strips/panels is intended. (The fact is, I just copy-pasted the first two columns from my Excel document to share this update.)

  2. John! Congratulations! It’s a fantastic list of participating cartoonists! However, I couldn’t help noticing the absence of Mike Peter’s “Mother Goose and Grimm”. I hope, eventually, you will be able to add his very funny work to the group.

  3. Add to the above list DADDY’S HOME by Tony Rubino & Gary Markstein, and PARDON MY PLANET by Vic Lee.

    David, I’m definitely interested in showing OFS in North Carolina; Besides Charlotte, I’d love to go to Asheville (get the name of a likely venue for me!) and/or the Raleigh/Durham area, with which I’m more familiar.

  4. Sounds utterly fantastic, John! I really respect your undertaking this project. I know some museum professionals, so I know that this sort of exhibition is incredibly resource-intensive (transportation, insurance, mounting equipment, etc.), and the logistics are daunting. These shows are always labors of love, as a result.

    The last really great comics-oriented traveling exhibition I saw was Jerry Robinson’s exhibition about the Golden Age of comic books…here’s a link to Hogan’s Alley’s visit when it came to Atlanta:

    Any plans for hitting Atlanta, John? If not, I’d gladly drive the three hours to Charlotte to see the exhibition!

  5. Rene, please call Karl Erickson and tell him that! Despite my desire to use this exhibition as a means of finding a likely home for The Cartoon Art Museum of the South, MoCCA is one of the four venues (not in the South) I would GLADLY open “One Fine Sunday!”

  6. John, I really hope your show does make it to NY. You’ll see I sent an email to Karl. I copied u at your hotmail account. If there is anything else you can think of that I can do to help, I am happy to. 🙂 Best of luck with the show!

  7. John, Please check into Asheville. If you need anything let me know. I am a native of Asheville and would love to get it at Pack Place!

  8. I just saw this show at OSU. What a great exhibit! Is the schedule available anywhere? I would love to know where else it will be appearing so I can take my family to see it.

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