Tom Richmond on Tall Tales Radio

Tom Racine interviews MAD cartoonist Tom Richmond about caricature, MAD Magazine, Batman, and his trip to Iraq with Stephan Pastis and Gary Trudeau.

7 thoughts on “Tom Richmond on Tall Tales Radio

  1. I don’t understand posts like yours, Eddie, unless you’re really a big fan/friend of Tom’s and that was just suppose to be a funny jibe on your part.

  2. Oh, THAT Tom Richmond! I saw that guy draw at a theme park once.

    In all seriousness, great interview! Been a big fan of BOTH Toms for some time now (one longer than the other) and thought this episode was a best for both.

    Now I have to go make fun of someone else.

  3. Well, I AM the older Tom by a few months, so obviously I’m the one you should be listening to…not the vastly more talented and nice MAD artist guy. 🙂

    It was my pleasure entirely…MAD was a big influence growing up, and it’s great to see the best artists are still working there.

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