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Tom Richmond on Tall Tales Radio

Tom Racine interviews MAD cartoonist Tom Richmond about caricature, MAD Magazine, Batman, and his trip to Iraq with Stephan Pastis and Gary Trudeau.

Community Comments

#1 Eddie Pittman
@ 8:52 pm

Who’s Tom Richmond?

#2 Hagen Cartoons
@ 9:02 pm

#3 Jason Nocera
@ 10:51 am

I don’t understand posts like yours, Eddie, unless you’re really a big fan/friend of Tom’s and that was just suppose to be a funny jibe on your part.

#4 Tom Richmond
@ 9:18 pm

Eddie Pittman?? Never heard of him…. :P

We are indeed old friends, and he never misses a chance to zing me. I love you too, Eddie!

#5 Jim Lavery
@ 10:03 pm

Who’s Jason Nocera?

#6 Eddie Pittman
@ 11:04 pm

Oh, THAT Tom Richmond! I saw that guy draw at a theme park once.

In all seriousness, great interview! Been a big fan of BOTH Toms for some time now (one longer than the other) and thought this episode was a best for both.

Now I have to go make fun of someone else.

#7 Tom Racine
@ 12:17 am

Well, I AM the older Tom by a few months, so obviously I’m the one you should be listening to…not the vastly more talented and nice MAD artist guy. :)

It was my pleasure entirely…MAD was a big influence growing up, and it’s great to see the best artists are still working there.

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