John Read heads up traveling comic exhibit

John Read, the publisher of “Stay Tooned!” is curating a comic strip exhibit to travel through five major southern cities in the coming two years. He tells me in an email that after publishing “Stay Tooned!,” his next ambition is to create an art museum in the South. To get things started, he has 73 comic strip cartoonist thus far to contribute Sunday original art for a “One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages.”

I’m beginning with an exhibit featuring currently-syndicated comic strips. This show will be a unique, one-of-a-kind collection of today’s comics, from the oldest, The Katzenjammer Kids and Gasoline Alley, to the newest, Dustin (which launches next week), and will be billed as “a celebration of a quintessentially American Sunday pleasure.” One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages will feature the original art of 85 to 100 different comic strips and panels (that will have been) published in newspapers on the same Sunday (April 11, 2010). Alongside the framed “raw” art of the strips will be displayed the actual comics sections from newspapers across the country, giving people a behind-the-scenes, before-and-after experience. The first showing of One Fine Sunday will begin in late May/early June of 2010.

Here’s the list of who’s contributing so far:

  • Aaron Johnson â?? W.T. Duck
  • Alex Hallatt â?? Arctic Circle
  • Bill Amend â?? FoxTrot
  • Bill Hinds â?? Tank McNamara
  • Bill Holbrook â?? On the Fastrack
  • Brian Anderson â?? Dog eat Doug
  • Brian Crane – Pickles
  • Carla Ventresca â?? On a Claire Day
  • Carole & Jack Bender â?? Alley Oop
  • Chad Carpenter – Tundra
  • Chip Sansom â?? The Born Loser
  • Chris Cassatt â?? Shoe
  • Corey Pandolph â?? The Elderberries
  • Cory Thomas â?? Watch Your Head
  • Dana Summers â?? Bound & Gagged
  • Darrin Bell – Candorville
  • Dave Coverly â?? Speed Bump
  • Don Wimmer â?? Rose is Rose
  • Fernando Ruiz â?? Archie
  • Gary Brookins â?? Pluggers
  • Greg Cravens â?? The Buckets
  • Greg Evans â?? Luann
  • Guy Gilchrist â?? Nancy
  • Hy Eisman â?? Popeye, Katzenjammer Kids
  • Jan Eliot â?? Stone Soup
  • Jason Chatfield â?? Ginger Meggs
  • Jef Mallett- Frazz
  • Jeff Parker â?? The Wizard of Id
  • Jerry Van Amerongen â?? Ballard Street
  • Jim Borgamn â?? Zits
  • Jim Davis – Garfield
  • Jim Scancarelli â?? Gasoline Alley
  • Jimmy Johnson â?? Arlo & Janis
  • John Hambrock â?? Edison Lee
  • John Hart Studios â?? B.C.
  • John Marshall – Blondie
  • John Newcombe â?? Zack Hill
  • John Rose â?? Snuffy Smith
  • June Brigman â?? Brenda Starr
  • Keith Knight â?? The Knight Life
  • Kieran Meehan â?? Pros & Cons
  • Leigh Ruben â?? Rubes
  • Lincoln Peirce â?? Big Nate
  • Mark Buford â?? Scary Gary
  • Mark Parisi â?? Off the Mark
  • Mark Tatulli â?? Lio, Heart of the City
  • Mell Lazarus – Momma
  • Michael Fry â?? Over the Hedge
  • Mort Walker â?? Beetle Bailey
  • Norm Feuti – Retail
  • Patrick McDonnell â?? Mutts
  • Paul Gilligan â?? Pooch Cafe
  • Ralph Hagen â?? The Barn
  • Randy Glasbergen â?? The Better Half
  • Ray Billingsley â?? Curtis
  • Richard Kirkman â?? Baby Blues
  • Richard Thompson â?? Cul de Sac
  • Rick Stromoski â?? Soup to Nutz
  • Rina Piccolo â?? Tinaâ??s Groove
  • Rob Harrell â?? Adam at Home
  • Ron Ferdinand â?? Dennis the Menace
  • Russell Myers â?? Broom-Hilda
  • Sandra Bell-Lundy â?? Between Friends
  • Scott Stantis â?? Prickly City
  • Stephan Pastis â?? Pearls Before Swine
  • Stephen Bentley â?? Herb and Jamaal
  • Steve Kelley & Jeffry Parker â?? Dustin
  • Ted Slampyak â?? Annie
  • Terri Libenson â?? Pajama Diaries
  • Terry LaBan â?? Edge City
  • Tom Batiuk â?? Funky Winkerbean, Crankshaft
  • Tony Cochran â?? Agnes
  • Wiley Miller â?? Non Sequitur

21 thoughts on “John Read heads up traveling comic exhibit

  1. Thanks Mike and Rich. I only started reaching out to comic strippers two weeks ago, and I am overwhelmed by the number of cartoonists who’ve already signed on! This really is shaping up to be an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind exhibit.

  2. John, the interest is overwhelming because of the amazing job you’re doing with StayTooned! magazine. Along those lines, I have an immense request … “Exhibition Catalogue!”

    I would gladly pay for such a gem of a publication, and am sure others would too.

  3. Mike, I almost hate to put this out there, but my fantasy is to be able to offer an exclusive Sunday Funnies section which contains every one of he strips and panels in the exhibition. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?! It would require the participation of every syndicate, though, so I don’t know if it’s something I can pull off. But, hey, it’s something to shoot for! That’s something to work on AFTER I’ve locked-in the line-up of cartoonists and secured several venues for the show.

  4. John, the syndicates already participate alongside one another in daily newspapers worldwide, so I sincerely hope that “pulling it off” is more than possible. In fact, you may be able to find assistance via the folks at American Color and such if you’re considering formatting it like a Sunday Funnies section. After all, there are millions and millions of comic strip fans out there … Imagine the interest in obtaining a copy of a one-time Sunday Funnies section with nearly EVERY syndicated strip out there … Cool, indeed!!

    Like the “Calvin & Hobbes Sunday Pages 1985-1995” exhibition catalogue from Andrews McMeel & Ohio State’s Cartoon Research Library, make it available for ordering (including those who cannot attend the exhibit in person) so that anyone interested can support this wonderful event, and share in the joy for this beloved medium.

    I don’t mean to dominate this particular thread with comments, but I strongly believe that this whole event is something that deserves serious attention and consideration.

    Best of luck and keep us updated, John!

  5. John Read is my hero. A man of action who really and truly loves the art. I’d flood the sky and swim to the moon for you, John!

  6. Thanks, Mark, thanks alot. Ever since I teased you about crying at the Reubens, you’ve wanted payback. With your comment above, you’ve reduced me to a blubbering mass. At least you can’t see me.

    John, your comment didn’t help matters.

    BTW, add to the above list: Piers Baker and his “Ollie and Quentin!”

  7. Donna, I’m not important enough to anyone’s career for them to suck up to me, so how ’bout we assume their comments are genuine? I did, and it made for a very nice Wednesday, thank you very much.

  8. Donna, we’re all suck-ups. We just wanna bask in glow that is John Read.

    (Oh, I’m gonna pay for that at the next Jack Davis lecture, I know… 🙂 )

  9. I didn’t know I was even supposed to be sucking up to John Read.

    I hate it when that happens.

    John – Do you prefer bonbons or truffles?

  10. John, you may be off the hook there – I’ve been told the JDL isn’t happening this year due to lack of funds (which, frankly, shocked the heck outta me).

    Tom, I’m more of a Milk Duds kinda guy. I can’t believe Wendel hasn’t shared that with you.

  11. John!
    Another great idea from you to further the cause of cartooning and cartoonists!
    With your enthusiasm going full tilt, I definitely see a cartoon museum happening in the near future -we are really lucky to have you in our ranks!

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