CNN drops Mitchell, Lang cartoons

I completely missed this one. Last week, I traded emails with Bill Mitchell and Bob Lang two editorial cartoonists that drew for CNN’s political website. Bill is perhaps the first editorial cartoonist to leave traditional editorial cartooning to provide animated editorials. Both artists confirm that CNN dropped their services last spring after new management was brought in. Bob tells me that no reason was given, but that he and Bill were always treated fairly by the CNN editors during their employment.

Bob says that he continues to offer his cartoons through his cartoon service,; Bill declined to offer details on projects he’s working on now.

4 thoughts on “CNN drops Mitchell, Lang cartoons

  1. So sad to hear. Bill was pretty much the pioneer in not only doing online animations but in receiving an income from them.

    I wish them luck. It only took a few days for 2010 to go sour for editorial cartooning positions.

  2. I love Bill’s work and he was always generous with his time and knowledge on answering a question or two. Professional. Looking forward to your next endeavor Bill. CNN, you just lost a good deal of my attention…

  3. CNN has been cleaning house of anything that smells of opinion for sometime now. They’re following a newspaper type of business model. Strange…

    FYI- Non-objectivity is a side-affect of wealthy monopolistic publisher’s decision from a century ago who pooled their money to start a news service so they all wouldn’t have to financially support so many far flung foreign bureaus.

    Some people- you just can’t save them from themselves.

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