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News briefs for December 23, 2009

Comic Strips

» JC Duffy has launched called “Nightly Deposits.”


» Scott Nickel interviews illustrator Danny Hellman.


» Comic Book Resources has posted their review of the year in webcomics.

Community Comments

#1 J.C. Duffy
@ 1:34 pm

Thanks for the plug, though Night Deposts is actually a blog, not a comic strip. It’s been running since August 2008.

#2 J.C. Duffy
@ 1:54 pm

However, you did spell “Deposits” better than I did in my last comment…

#3 Dean Thomas
@ 6:16 pm

Did you paint landscapes earlier in your career? Did you ever live in Yonkers? If so, I might have a piece of yours.

#4 Elizangela
@ 11:40 pm

I love you. And I totally setlkad your Youtube. The rock video made me think about the time in 6th grade a “friend” threw a rock at me and it hit me in the left eye, then the next year when we had vision tests, I failed for the first time and had to go to the eye doctor and they told me I had astigmatism in my left eye.I should go to bed.

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