News briefs for December 16, 2009

Comic history

» Allan Holtz looks at the cartoonists of the former DBR Media syndicate.

Comic Strips

» Richard Thompson reminisces on his first meeting with Wizard of Id co-creator Brant Parker.


» The Salt Lake Tribune ran a story about how Cal Grondahl broken open the stoic, stuff culture of Mormonism with his cartoon collection book “Freeway to Perfection” 31 years ago and also talks to humorists about poking fun of the conservative religion.


» Keli Dailey interviews Ted Rall about his latest book “The Year of Loving Dangerously.”

» Mike Lynch found 9 five minute videos of interviews with Tom Hart.

» Mike has also posted a series of interviews by The Newseum and editorial cartoonist Matt Wuerker.

» Newsarama interviews Dan Dougherty.