Editor & Publisher closing round-up

Greg Mitchell, editor of Editor & Publisher since 2002 writes of receiving the news of the publication’s closing and the outpouring of attention the announcement has received. He also hints that there is a small chance the publication will continue in some form.

In any case, the outpouring of support â?? staggering, really â?? has been so overwhelming that not only will we be publishing our January 2010 edition, thereâ??s at least a decent chance that someone will step forward and help us continue. If not, staff members may join together in some kind of (unpaid) online effort. Stay tuned. And thanks for the memories.

E&P also announces that a January edition might also be in the works.

Steve Greenberg writes about the history and his experience with the magazine.

Media Bistro mentions the rise of newspaper blogs and aggregators such as Media Bistro (Romenesko and The Daily Cartoonist could also be classified as such blogs) that took eyeballs away from E&P. It’s a subject that I personally questioned after Dave Astor was let go. Not sure I’ve come to the conclusion of how I feel about blogs, such as mine, as they compete for attention with print media.