New Garfield CGI show to air on Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network will begin running a new CGI TV program “The Garfield Show” starting next Monday. The show will run daily at 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (EST). The show of course revolves around the surly cat Garfield. The show already runs throughout Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

From the press release:

Instavision, a new distributor for digital media, will offer the show at as an alternative to traditional distribution via broadcast and cable TV, with content available when and how the consumer demands it.

This direct-to-the-consumer model is destined to be the distribution paradigm of choice for the future. Mobile content, digital games, applications, and DVD distribution are also part of the plan as is a website with videos, downloads, and games, and social networking and interaction via “The Cat Box,” with API or Widget feeds from the official Garfield Show character sites on Facebook, Twitter feeds, and “most popular” videos from the official “The Garfield Show” site on YouTube.

Blogs by Dr. Liz Wilson (the vet) will address questions about pet care, while Squeak (the mouse) will extol the virtues of cheese. Fans will also be asked to follow Garfield around the world as fans are asked to submit photos to a Flickr photo diary.

7 thoughts on “New Garfield CGI show to air on Cartoon Network

  1. normally I am not a fan of cg animation, but since it is Garfield I’ll give it a shot. Though I wish it would have been done in 2D like the previous series, “Garfield & Friends”. I just wonder how the public would have reacted if “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was redone as a 3D cg animation dvd ?

  2. Awesome! I love Garfield… no, seriously. The comic got stale there for awhile, but I’ve found it to be pretty funny lately.

    I was surprised I liked Garfield Gets Real–Garfield’s Fun Fest, not so much–after the horridness that was the live action movies, so a regular show might be fun to watch.

  3. I don’t necessarily mind having this as a new show, but to come after the canceling of other shows that were awesome is a bit disappointing. Don’t pull a Fox on us now…

  4. I loved the Garfield cartoon when I was a kid, but I think the franchise is getting way too over-used. I love Garfield as much as the rest of you, but how many times can you see one cat eat a lasagna?


  5. watched it…didn’t care too much for it…not as good as the one I watched as a kid. My 3 year old liked it though…maybe this will suck in the next generation of fans…30 more years of Garfield hating Mondays!!!

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