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High selling art in Cartoons & Cocktails: $1,750

Politico editorial cartoonist Matt Wuerker had the honor of having the highest-selling cartoon in last nights Cartoons & Cocktails. His cartoon eulogy for Ted Kennedy fetched a handsome $1,750 according to Mike Rhode (COMICSDC blog).

Community Comments

#1 Clay Jones
@ 12:36 pm

Are you sure that wasn’t Mark Streeter? I could be wrong and I was drinking, but I thought Streeter pulled that off.

#2 Mike Rhode
@ 8:05 pm

Clay is right – I apologize for the mistake. I was drinking too – yeah, that’s my story. Actually I walked out of the room for a few minutes, and when I came back, the hammer was going down, and I got confused about what the cartoon was. Mea culpa.

#3 Justin Bilicki
@ 9:20 am

Gosh Mike.. You were the only one without a drink in your hand. We were relying on your for accuracy. No excuses!

The surprising thing is that Matt Wuerker’s toons did not go for that much. That should’ve been the headline.

I’d write more about this topic but I feel like I should spend the time drawing obit cartoons.

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