Big thanks to the third day donors

A big thanks goes out to 17 more of my readers who have made a donation in support of The Daily Cartoonist. Again, I’m humbled by the diversity of those who come here each day.

  • Academic Ventures – Academic Ventures puts on the very fine comic symposium in Kirtland Ohio each spring. I had the pleasure of speaking there a couple of years back.
  • Bob Scott – Bob does the Molly and the Bear feature. It’s over on Comics Sherpa, but I think Uclick should promote it to GoComics. It’s a strip well done.
  • Bruce Quast – Bruce is the freelance editorial cartoonist for the Rockford (Illinois) Register Star – a gig he’s had for 15 years now.
  • Carl Moore – You probably know Carl does the right leaning political comic strip, State of the Union, but what you don’t know is that Carl once described himself as a “radical socialist majoring in English literature at the University of California at Berkeley.”
  • David Fletcher – David hails from New Zealand where he does the syndicated strip The Politician and Crumb.
  • Garey Mckee – Garey has working on his comics strip Police Limit for over 10 years now. The strip was picked up by Praetorian Publishing which owns several law enforcement websites and magazines. Congrats!
  • Graeme MacKay – Graeme is the editorial cartoonist for the The Hamilton Spectator in Canada. For those of us down here in the lower 48, we can check out his stuff on his website.
  • Guy Endore-Kaiser – is co-creator of the funny panel comic Brevity. He’s got new wall and desk calendars in stores now. Love the cover to the 2010 calendar.
  • Jerry Scott – Jerry does a couple of strips you might have heard of. Baby Blues (with Rick Kirkman) and Zits by (Jim Borgman).
  • Joe GroshekJoe is an cartoonist/illustrator working on his second children’s book with Green Bay Packer wide receiver Donald Driver. The first book is entitled “Quickie Makes the Team” and the second is “Quickie Handles a Loss.”
  • John Read – John is the publisher, editor, writer, and mail room clerk for the excellent quarterly Stay Tooned! Number 4 just came out, and once again, it’s a pleasure to read.
  • Jordan Dennis – TDC’s audience is made up of cartoonists, syndicates, newspaper editors and a large number of comic enthusiast. Jordan is one such reader. Glad to have you here, Jordan!
  • Josh Shalek -Josh does the webcomic Welcome to Falling Rock National Park which he started in 2006.
  • Kelly McNutt – Kelly does animation work for Jantz Studios. Check out his blog and be sure to check out his comic Working the Void.
  • Matt Daigle – I learned about Matt at the Success in Comics seminar in Vegas. He’s got an excellent panel feature called In Deaf Culture about the lighter side of deaf culture. As a deaf individual, he uses his cartoon to introduce people to living with out hearing.
  • Mike Donahue – is a comics fan who found stumbled upon TDC a couple of years ago. He tells me his current favs are: Baldo, Heart of the City, Lio, Retail, Zits and Prince Valiant
  • Mike Ostresh – Mike does the comic Stepdad over on Comics Sherpa. Stepdad was also one of the Amazon Comic Strip superstar quarterfinalists. Good luck Mike!
  • Rich Diesslin – Rich does a variety of cartoons for different audiences such as gospel and scouting. Each year he heads up the The Cartoon Days of Christmas that hosts a collection of cartoons on the topic of Christmas.
  • Sandra Bell-Lundy – Sandra does the excellent Between Friends comic strip. Check out her website and her blog of her own. While you’re over there, be sure to read her posts on how she became syndicated. Very inspirational.
  • Steve Scheckner – is the marketing guy behind the inspirational comic Holy Mole which can be read in The St. Petersburg Times, Bradenton Herald and the Lakewood Ranch Herald.
  • Susie MacNelly – I’m not sure how many know this little factoid, but Susie is the Roz character in Shoe. Technically Jeff created Roz first, but when he met Susie, he realized he had found his character in real life. Susie’s website is Shoe Comics which includes samples of all the types of art Jeff created.
  • Tom Richmond – Tom is one of the best caricature artist I’ve seen in the biz – a perfect match for MAD Magazine. I’m also a fan of his blog and his Sunday Mail Bag posts. Always informative and generous with his knowledge.
  • Thank you all!