News briefs for October 9, 2009

Editorial Cartooning

» Mark Fiore and Matt Bors teamed up to create an animated editorial cartoon poking fun at ACORN.


» Comics Coast to Coast interviews Ink Pen creator Phil Dunlap.

Magazine Cartooning

» New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff is featured expert on Big Think. The series includes Bob talking about his career in comics, the challenges of being a cartoon editor, how humor works, why humor always originates in bad taste and many other topics. One of the videos is embedded below:

Graphic Novels

» Digital Spy reports that graphic novel sales are down 15% in the 2009 third quarter.

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  1. Wow, that NYer piece really helps. All these years they’ve been trying to tickling mice and monkeys and all the while I thought they were aiming at pretentious intellectualism. That explains a lot. 😉

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