Get ready for a Rip Haywire Christmas

United Media has announced that this year’s NEA Holiday Special will feature Dan Thompson’s new feature Rip Haywire and will be entitled “Rip Haywire: Away in the Danger.” The 17-strip series will begin on December 7 and runs Monday through Saturday until Christmas.

The description of the strip from the press release:

The 17-strip series by creator Dan Thompson begins with Rip telling his cowardly pooch TNT that he wants to buy his ex-girlfriend/adventure sidekick Cobra a gold bracelet. While out for a Christmas Eve stroll, they run into an old, white-bearded man who asks Rip to deliver a parcel for him. Inside a nearby house, Rip and TNT find a bomb, a desperate man, and the beginning of a riveting holiday caper. Our heroes rescue the man’s family from a sinister organization, but with all the commotion, Rip is unable to get Cobra’s gift…or is he?

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