JumpStart celebrates 20 years today

Today marks Robb Armstrong’s 20th anniversary doing his JumpStart comic strip.

From the press release:

“Words cannot express my gratitude for JumpStart,” Armstrong said. “I would call it a dream come true, but I never dreamed of this phenomenon…never imagined this kind of longevity.”

One of only a handful of syndicated African-American cartoonists, Armstrong brings a unique perspective to his strip with art and storylines that are upbeat, fun, and undeniably realistic.

Many readers see themselves reflected in JumpStart’s scenario. “I’m thrilled that people say that,” says Armstrong. “I’m drawing about my life; about a black couple because I’m black. Nearly every married couple I know is like Joe and Marcy. The image of young blacks is so skewed, so false. Joe and Marcy and the characters I’ve developed are deep and based on real life.”

Armstrong credits daughter Tess and son Rex with being the biggest inspirations for JumpStart’s characters and stories.

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