Seen in the funny pages

Aaron Hill — “Luann” character or Toronto Blue Jay’s second baseman?

Ohio town mentioned in “Zits” comic strip.

4 thoughts on “Seen in the funny pages

  1. My favorite odd pop culture reference in a comic that never mentions pop culture icons?

    When Calvin and Hobbes are getting ready to go out to dine with Calvin’s parents, Hobbes asks, “Do you think I should shave?”, to which Calvin replies “Nah, go for the Don Johnson fuzzy look.”

    Bill Watterson and ‘Miami Vice.’
    man, where have the years gone….

  2. FYI — Jeremy’s father’s name is WALT, not Dan.
    But what do you expect from a newspaper that posts a comic strip on their site that’s unreadable?

  3. It’s a good story arc though … he has the same sense of directions as my kids (who of course got it from me). Some day I’ll even break down and get a GPS system!

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