A review of FBOFW’s “new-runs” format

A look back one year later at Lynn Johnstonâ??s decision to change the format of â??For Better or For Worseâ? from current story-lines to â??new-runs.â?

6 thoughts on “A review of FBOFW’s “new-runs” format

  1. This reviewer is basing his good feelings about the new-runs on his knowledge of the strip’s entire history. How does FBOFW’s simplistic view of family life [based on customs, habits and mores of over 20 years ago] go over now with new readers? Just wondering. I don’t qualify to judge that, either.

  2. I was so exited when FBOFW finally ended, and so horrified when it rose from the grave. It is kind of fun seeing Lynne try to get back at her cheating ex-husband by making the dad even more of a buffoon this time around though.

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