Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum on the move

ToonSeum, a Pittsburgh museum devoted exclusively to the cartoon arts, is moving to a new location.

One reason for the move is space. At 1,000 square feet, the new location will be five times the size of the current one.

The other reason is to broaden the kind of artwork the ToonSeum displays.

“Our own space will give us the ability to present more challenging and provocative work than would have been suitable for The Children’s Museum,” said Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist and president of the ToonSeum.

“As a political cartoonist, I try to draw cartoons that address important social and political issues that challenge the viewer. At the ToonSeum, we want to mount exhibits with the same goal in mind. Now we can.”

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum on the move

  1. I saw the new museum space online and it looks fan-tastic. can’t wait to pay it a visit.

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