Disney to buy Marvel for $4 billion

The Walt Disney Co. said Monday it is acquiring Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion in cash and stock. Under the deal, Disney will acquire ownership of 5,000 Marvel characters.

19 thoughts on “Disney to buy Marvel for $4 billion

  1. Let’s see. Disney now owns Marvel, and Disney’s been in bed with Comcast for years, so prepare for all Marvel comics to be completely destroyed within the next 8 months.

  2. Ho-lee cow…

    I’m not one who tends to like any one owning everything, so I’m not liking this.

    Unless, of course, I was a Marvel Ent. Inc. shareholder and this made me a pile of cash… THEN my mildly offended principles could suck it up.

  3. whats next a movie in which Mickey Mouse saves Spider-Man ? Oh, wait that just happened… Hanna Montana and Salena Gomez will have their own superhero comicbooks… Hip, Hip Hoo-ray !!!

  4. It’s been years since Marvel has put out anything readable, so I don’t look for things to get worse. Maybe Uncle Scrooge can team up with the Kingpin to destroy Spider-Man.

  5. That means we can look forward to years and years and years of re-edited and enhanced Marvel movies coming in and out of the Disney vault, for a limited time only, of course.

  6. Walking around the Magic Kingdom and bumping into Spider-Man doesn’t have the same appeal as meeting Mickey Mouse.

    They’re gonna need to build a whole new theme park … Marvel Kingdom!

  7. Wonder how long will the Marvel characters stay at Universal Studios Florida (Disney’s biggest theme park competition here in Florida)? They are the biggest thing Universal has here.

    But on a more positive note, Spidey will have his choice of redheads. Hello Ariel!

  8. This, actually, is really good because I always thought that the one thing missing from all the marvel comics was singing anthropomorphic animals.

  9. have you all forgotten ABC, E.S.P.N, and on and on, so” big brother” has taken over, the freedom, and he WILL decide what you watch, read, listen to, and will tell you what to hate, and what is good and evil and who will be in charge, Anti-trust, Anti-trust.. .Now !

  10. @ Woodrow:

    No, I don’t think anyone has forgotten. I wanted to buy Marvel myself, but Disney upped the bid and the bank wouldn’t give me any more money against my 401k.

  11. Wolverine’s adamantium metal bones and claws will now turn to rubber and the love triangle of Scott, Jean and Logan will change to a “love rectangle” with Minnie puttin’ her moves on Logan.

    Of course Micky will have none of that and I’m sure the aftermath will include a slow-driving white Bronco with a blood trail and three-fingered white gloves that just don’t fit…

  12. I don’t really like this deal anymore than you do, but I can see a worse scenario than this: It could be Michael Eisner’s Disney buying Marvel the way they bought Saban/Fox Family back in 2001.

  13. I’m not a comic book guy, but this is sad to me. If it wasn’t for Pixar, DIsney would be regarded correctly as the ‘has been’ studio it is. So they gobble up Pixar, then Marvel – is there no in house talent at that place? Look out, Seth MacFarlane, Disney is going to do a hostile takeover of Family Guy! Tinkerbelle will be on t-shirts with Stewie next…

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