Tom Tomorrow creates Pearl Jam album cover

Tom Tomorrow has created the album-cover for the upcoming Pearl Jam new release in September. The band is doing a promotional game wherein fans can participate in an “internet Easter egg hunt” searching for all nine of Tom’s images, getting clues, and then using the clues to figure out where to download a free mp3 of a single from their album.

From Tom’s blog:

It seems like a good moment to publicly say thank you to the band, and especially to Eddie, who dreamed up this crazy scheme to begin with. I was feeling like my career had just been kneecapped with the loss of the VVM papers, and might have spent the next six months moping and feeling sorry for myself – instead, I ended up embarking on one of the great adventures of my professional life. (Not that this was a freebie – what I was offered, initially, was a chance, nothing more. Had I fumbled the ball, I have no doubt that the art you’d be seeing today would be something very different. But happily I didn’t, and it’s not.)