New Herblock exhibit to mark 100th birthday

The Library of Congress has announced an exhibit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of political cartoonist Herb Block, aka Herblock. Herblock’s career spanned 72 years beginning in 1929 through 2001. The exhibit will feature 82 original cartoons from his collection. It runs October 13 through May 1 of 2010.

H/T: Mike Rhode

One thought on “New Herblock exhibit to mark 100th birthday

  1. Herblock was one of my inspirations.
    His cartoons were rather plain…for our time; but they were blockbusters in his era. Simple, but direct.
    What I liked specifically was that he never wavered away from advocacy. He took a position, and if anything, only fortified it!
    NEVER backed down.
    He stood up to that creep, McCarthy. Even coined the term “McCarthyism”.

    What others may need for reference is to READ the explanations in Herblock’s various compilations. He was a qualified WRITER, but was not given credit for it.
    Some of the material may seem dated, so take that into account.


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