Senator stops Treasury from hiring cartoonist

The Treasury Departments put out a RFI (Request for information) – the first step in hiring a cartoonist to “conduct two, three-hour presentations for its employees on the benefits of humor in the workplace and the connection between humor and stress relief.” But the plan came to a screeching halt after the job posting hit Drudge Report and several other websites, blogs, news shows and TV talking-heads. The buzz about the potential job posting reached the Senate office of Byron Dorgan (D-ND) who is the chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee. Dorgan promptly had the job inquiry killed.

In a statement released Friday, the senator said, “Of all the agencies, the Bureau of Public Debt should know that there is very little that is funny about today’s economic conditions. I understand the need for motivation in the workplace, but I think we have a greater motivation to save the taxpayers some money.”

8 thoughts on “Senator stops Treasury from hiring cartoonist

  1. :::slapping my knee:::the connection between humor and stress relief is (blank)..can anyone fill that one in? I can think of a few names to put in there..

  2. I found it funny that a Democrat said he was trying to save taxpayers money. I consider myself independent, so this observation is not politically motivated.

  3. so its okay to budget $$$ for wild mustang contraception, a Woodstock museum, a tunnel for turtles to cross under abusy roadway, studies on cows gas and how many other “stimulus” projects but this is out of line ? funny, funny indeed.

  4. Who says politicians are out of touch? Gad!

    I’m not sure the project has any real merit (I mean really, why fund that in the public arena), but the rationale for canning it is just as ridiculous!

  5. Ted, Obama is in the perfect position to create his first job considering being president is HIS first job.

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