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News Briefs for July 17, 2009

Editorial Cartooning

» has a write up of Jules Feiffer’s presentation that he did about his cartooning career. This summer, Jules is doing a Summer term Montgomery Fellow where he is teaching a comparative literature course titled “Graphic Humor and 20th Century America.” He will also participate in a panel discussion with fellow cartoonists Edward Koren, Edward Sorel and Jeff Danziger on politics in cartooning on August 12.


» Tom Racine interviews Jef Mallett over at Tall Tale Radio where they talk Frazz, but also his triathlon and biking experience for the second half the show


» The author Robert L. Short, who wrote The Gospel According to Peanuts, died on July 6 due to cancer. The Gospel According to Peanuts was a book that took theological and Christian insights from Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts. It was published in 1965. According to the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Short also tried to publish a similar tome using Calvin and Hobbes, but never got clearance from Bill Watterson.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Peterson
@ 6:40 am

The panel discussion with Feiffer, Koren, Sorel and Danziger is at 4 p.m.

I know a place nearby that will sell us beer afterwards. Well, they’d sell it to us before, too, but my undergrad days are long past.

#2 Dan Collins
@ 6:56 am

Alan, I’m getting kind of tired of your website jerking me to the bottom of the page every time after it finally loads. Just a heads up.

#3 Jim Lavery
@ 9:13 am

Dan, I think that’s because you click on “comments”, as opposed to the title of the article itself.

#4 Dan Collins
@ 11:33 am

No, it happens on every page or story title link. Even the main site one so it’s not that.

#5 Dan Collins
@ 11:38 am

It happens in Safari and Firefox both. It keeps loading and loading and after 10 seconds, BAM you’re at the bottom of the page. Just tryin’ to help out Alan.

#6 Alan Gardner
@ 11:59 am

Note to self. Place more advertising at bottom of page for Dan to click on. :)

#7 Bill Amend
@ 12:38 pm

It happens to me, too. Front page or any page, it does what Dan describes. I’m on a Mac using Safari fwiw.

#8 Alan Gardner
@ 1:20 pm

K, I’ll look into it. It’s hard to troubleshoot this kind of thing if I can’t replicate it locally. I’ll send you guys an email with questions that might help me fix it.


#9 Kelly McNutt
@ 1:22 pm

For the sake of chiming in, (and at the risk of turning the thread into a troubleshooter) I’m on Mac 10.5.7 & Safari 4.0.2 (and Firefox 3.0.11): loads normally.

#10 Wiley Miller
@ 1:23 pm

I use a Mac and Safari, and it only goes to the bottom when I click on the comment. When I click on the topic, it just goes to the story, and I have to scroll down to the comments.

So it’s working just fine for me, Alan. Perhaps it’s that anti-Collins/Amend software you installed… which seems to be working!

#11 Dan Collins
@ 5:34 pm

For a minute there I thought I was going crazy. Now I know Bill is going crazy too. That’s some comfort.

#12 Tom Wood
@ 5:54 pm

Every page, including the front page, goes straight to the bottom for me. Firefox 3.0.11

#13 henry clausner
@ 1:30 pm

what’s goin on fellahs…? (thats all i have to say, goin out to the pool)

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