News Briefs for July 17, 2009

Editorial Cartooning

» has a write up of Jules Feiffer’s presentation that he did about his cartooning career. This summer, Jules is doing a Summer term Montgomery Fellow where he is teaching a comparative literature course titled “Graphic Humor and 20th Century America.” He will also participate in a panel discussion with fellow cartoonists Edward Koren, Edward Sorel and Jeff Danziger on politics in cartooning on August 12.


» Tom Racine interviews Jef Mallett over at Tall Tale Radio where they talk Frazz, but also his triathlon and biking experience for the second half the show


» The author Robert L. Short, who wrote The Gospel According to Peanuts, died on July 6 due to cancer. The Gospel According to Peanuts was a book that took theological and Christian insights from Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts. It was published in 1965. According to the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Short also tried to publish a similar tome using Calvin and Hobbes, but never got clearance from Bill Watterson.

13 thoughts on “News Briefs for July 17, 2009

  1. The panel discussion with Feiffer, Koren, Sorel and Danziger is at 4 p.m.

    I know a place nearby that will sell us beer afterwards. Well, they’d sell it to us before, too, but my undergrad days are long past.

  2. Alan, I’m getting kind of tired of your website jerking me to the bottom of the page every time after it finally loads. Just a heads up.

  3. Dan, I think that’s because you click on “comments”, as opposed to the title of the article itself.

  4. It happens in Safari and Firefox both. It keeps loading and loading and after 10 seconds, BAM you’re at the bottom of the page. Just tryin’ to help out Alan.

  5. It happens to me, too. Front page or any page, it does what Dan describes. I’m on a Mac using Safari fwiw.

  6. K, I’ll look into it. It’s hard to troubleshoot this kind of thing if I can’t replicate it locally. I’ll send you guys an email with questions that might help me fix it.


  7. For the sake of chiming in, (and at the risk of turning the thread into a troubleshooter) I’m on Mac 10.5.7 & Safari 4.0.2 (and Firefox 3.0.11): loads normally.

  8. I use a Mac and Safari, and it only goes to the bottom when I click on the comment. When I click on the topic, it just goes to the story, and I have to scroll down to the comments.

    So it’s working just fine for me, Alan. Perhaps it’s that anti-Collins/Amend software you installed… which seems to be working!

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