NCS Division award for comic strip: “Lio”

This years National Cartoonist Society’s division award has been given to Mark Tatulli for his comic strip “Lio”. Lio launched with Universal Press Syndicate in 2006 and has been one of the most recent success. Mark beats out Stephan Pastis and Richard Thompson for this honor.

23 thoughts on “NCS Division award for comic strip: “Lio”

  1. Aces Mark, I knew you were going to win, I just knew it. You are heads ans shoulders above the rest and now the whole world knows it. Take a victory lap, you earned it.

  2. Lio is great and Mark’s win is well deserved, but one day his cartooning will reach the level of his karaoke skills, and then you’ll REALLY see something!

  3. Mark, your acceptance speech was golden and I’m so very glad I was there to hear it. You, my friend, are the real deal. It should be obvious to everyone there that you love cartooning and love being a part of its community.

  4. I wish somebody would tell me what I said. I was sort of “in my cups” at the time. I didn’t swear, did I?

  5. I wasn’t there for the speech, but sure enjoyed reading your blurb in “Stay Tooned” issue 3. Lio’s the highlight of the Sunday Funnies…heck, the whole darn newspaper! Congrats and keep em’ coming, Mark!!!

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