Get a free issue of Hogan’s Alley

Once again Tom Heintjes is giving away a free issue of Hogan’s Alley this Saturday on Free Comic Book Day. To receive your free issue, email Tom ON MAY 2ND with your name, mailing address. The condition he reports is that the email must be sent on Free Comic Book day (May 2) not a day before or after and Tom will send the magazine out to you with no strings attached.

I’ve read the last issue of Hogan’s Alley and am in awe of how much time is put into the production of the magazine. While the offer mentioned above is free, it doesn’t come without cost. In my case, it cost me several hours of reading and examining the cartoons published. A hat tip to Tom and his hard work. I highly recommend you take advantage of Tom’s offer. If you enjoy the magazine as much as I do, I’m sure he would appreciate your subscription.

4 thoughts on “Get a free issue of Hogan’s Alley

  1. This is a great magazine, too bad I am already a paid subscriber >:O

    The recent interview with Stephan Pastis and his road to syndication was amazing. I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but its worth picking up regardless.

  2. I took Tom up on his offer last year and, once it arrived, I immediately wished that I’d been a subscriber earlier.

    Just received Issue #16 today and look forward to reading it.

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