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Comic experiment needs participants

Neil Cohen is doing an experiment on “making judgements about various created comic strips” and would like your help for a study. The results will be used in a presentation in a comic-con later this year. Survey should take 20 minutes and participants are entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate at Best Buy. Deadline to take his survey is midnight on Tuesday the 28th. He tells me that the “ideal participants are ‘comic fluent’ individuals, both creators and readers.”

Take the survey.

Community Comments

#1 Phil Tography
@ 5:35 pm

Interesting, maybe I’ll sign up

#2 Nate Fakes
@ 7:58 pm

Wow. That’s a long survery. Gotta free up a few things before doing it. Seems like an interesting project though.

#3 NoahRodenbeek
@ 8:31 am

I’m really hoping we post the results of this thing here so I know how to make sense of what I’ve just done.

#4 Howard Tayler
@ 10:07 pm


That survey is kind of self-selecting. I got 25% of the way through it, and then realized I had better things to do with my time, so I quit. If I could have sent partial results I would have, but there seemed to be no option for that.

Seriously, it’s just too long. I worry that the data is going to be skewed by that. Hopefully the researcher(s) take that into account.

#5 Mike Peterson
@ 3:46 am

Don’t overthink it and it goes pretty fast. I don’t think they’re looking for analysis, just reactions.

If I’m wrong, I’ll have skewed it in a whole other direction, of course, but I won’t have tied up more than 10 or 15 minutes of my time …

#6 NoahRodenbeek
@ 10:30 am

Mike, that’s how I did it. Most of my answers were 1 or 5 just to keep the momentum going.

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