Latest animated comic strip: Cul de Sac

Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac is the latest comic strip to be brought to life courtesy of Ringtales and Michael Jantze’s studio (Michael’s studio did the actual animation). According to Richard’s blog, the voice talent for the alice character was provided by Colette Jantze. One of the spoilers for most of the comic strip to animation is the loss of the personal voice that we have in our heads when we read the strip. This is the first animated comic strip where the voice talent matched the closest to my imagination.

12 thoughts on “Latest animated comic strip: Cul de Sac

  1. Love it! Alice sounds like Sally Brown from the Peanuts specials. Can’t wait to see more. Does anyone know if this will become a podcast like Dilbert?

  2. Time for a Cul De Sac T.V. special. The kids voice and music reminded me in a good way of the Charlie Brown specials

  3. Jeff, I was just going to say here that I’ve always thought of Sally’s voice in the animated Peanuts specials when I read Alice in Cul de Sac.

    Richard’s strip is awesome. And I mean that in the literal sense. When I see Richard’s work it honestly does fill me with awe.

  4. Thanks, youall, though I can’t take a bow for this. Colette Jantze, 5, carries the show.

    And Alex, I’m scared to tread where Peanuts has trodden. Maybe a Talk Like a Pirate Day Special?

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