Todd Clark’s Lola turns 10 on Sunday


Todd Clark’s comic strip Lola turns 10 this Sunday. The comics, syndicated through United Media, appears in 125 papers. The comic features an active, razor tongued grandmother in her late 70’s.

From the United Media press release:

“It’s flown by for me,” Todd said of the ten years. “I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart (and the top of my increasingly graying head) for their support of this unique gal over the years. Without the fans, I’d never have been able to realize my childhood dreams. Can’t ask for more than that. THANK YOU!”

9 thoughts on “Todd Clark’s Lola turns 10 on Sunday

  1. Wow, 125 papers and 10 years for this comic, huh? It’s no wonder newspaper comics have drowned in their own self-satisfaction.

  2. Re Lola comic on 10-09-09, Bipolar disorder is an illness not a joke. Persons with mental illness struggle enough to cope with these illnesses without being the brunt of a joke. I found todays comic offensive. N. Lange, member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

  3. I wonder if Todd Clark has ever thought about sharing a gag or doing a crossover with “Shoe”?

    Far as I know they’re the only two comic strip characters who drive a 1957 DeSoto.

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