News Briefs for April 9, 2009

Editorial Cartooning

» Mike Beckom is now freelancing for The Palmetto Scoop (SC).

» Recently laid off editorial cartoonist Robert Ariail emails Daryl Cagle about his future plans.

Comic Strips

» The Chronicle (Geneva, IL) is returning the comics to their original size after reader complaints. The Born Loser and The Family Circus were brought back as well.


» iO9 offers a sneak peak at the Sci-Fi channels attempt to make The Phantom into a series.


» Eben Burgoon and D. Bethel’s webcomic Intelligence Cleaner Agency have started a new chapter entitled Operation : Mongoose about a 1960’s plot against Fidel Castro.

» David Reddick’s barbarian/fantasy webcomic Legend of Bill is now running at every Monday and Thursday. It’s also offered in Spanish at

» Launching today: Christopher Steininger’s new webcomic Dead Heaven


» The 2009 Lakeland Community College Comic Symposium wrapped up last weekend. They’ve announced the winners of their annual comic contest.

3 thoughts on “News Briefs for April 9, 2009

  1. I think it’s funny the editor of The Chronicle referred to a cartoonist who hasn’t drawn a comic strip in nearly 15 years on the shrinking size of comics in today’s newspapers.

    How about talking to someone whose comic has actually gone through today’s cost-cutting measures taken by newspapers to take two pages of comics and shrink them onto one page or print the Sunday comics section in a tabloid format?

    I’ll give them credit for making their comics larger and doing some creative manuvering to not drop Family Circus by moving it into another part of the paper.

    Believe me, there would have been hell to pay in Kane County if Born Loser and Family Circus would have been permanently dropped.

  2. As much as I love The Phantom, comic strip, I don’t think I’ll care much for the “rebooting” of the character for the SCI-FI mini series. I have seen the prototype of the suit the Phantom will be wearing. Its not pretty, looks more like the current Batman movie suits. I know you can’t copy a 2D costume into a 3D character without some compromises.

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