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News Briefs for April 8, 2009

» The BBC talks to Ed Stein about his career and state of the industry.

» Arkansas News Bureau’s Vic Harville will be doing a fictional series of cartoons starting next week depicting what life would be like without newspapers.

» Mother Jones magazine interviews Steve Brodner. (Via Mike Rhode).

» Guy Gilchrist’s Night Lights and Fairy Flights is now available on his blog, Facebook and MySpace.

» Bob Andelman (aka Mr. Media) interviews Al Jaffee and Arnold Roth. Via Mike Rhode.

Community Comments

#1 John Read
@ 8:04 pm

I’ve just finished listening to the wonderful interview with Arnold Roth and Al Jaffee. Everything was pure ear candy until Mark Tatulli’s name was brought up. I swear, Tatulli HAD to have paid Andelman twenty bucks to be brought into the conversation! And when Arnold Roth began saying nice things about Tatulli, I just knew the fix was in! Other than that, I highly recommend this interview; it’s well worth the hour and fifteen minutes of your time.

#2 Jason Boneasaurus
@ 5:52 am

Re: the Ed Stein article,

I can’t imagine drawing a final comic after working for 31 years at a newspaper.

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