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Lucas Turnbloom’s IMAGINE THIS featured on GoComics

Daily Cartoonist poster and Tall Tale Features member Lucas Turnbloom’s comic strip IMAGINE THIS will be featured on starting April 8th.

Even cooler still is the line up of guest cartoonists Lucas had contribute to his strip while he and his wife welcomed their second little Turnbloom into the world. You can check out that line up on Comics Sherpa on these dates:

3-22 (Su) — Tony Piro — Calamities of Nature
3-23 (M) — Brian Anderson — Dog Eat Doug
3-24 (T) — Lemon — Rabbits Against Magic
3-25 (W) — Jarrett — Pursuit of Mandy
3-26 (Th) — Mark Lapierre — Boxcar Astronaut
3-27 (F) — Justin T. — Mythtickle, Comics Coast to Coast

3-29 (Su) — Brock Heasley — SuperFogeys
3-30 (M) — David Reddick — Legend of Bill
3-31 (T) — Worth Gowell — Small Wonder
4-01 (W) — Irma Eriksson — Imy
4-02 (Th) — Tom Racine — Tall Tale Radio, Comics Coast to Coast, BookSmarts
4-03 (F) — Scott Gallatin — Gigcast, MadScott
4-06 (M) — MJ — Welcome To The Jungle, FIDDLESTIX, Yhe Nightmare Diaries

HT: David Stanford, Sherpa Editor

Community Comments

#1 Jesse Cline
@ 8:59 am

alright, congrats Lucas

#2 Jesse Cline
@ 9:05 am

and here is the link

#3 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:11 am

Thanks Garey and Jesse!

I’d also like to note that the comic will still be available on my website in addition to it being on

#4 Mike Witmer
@ 10:54 am

VERY well deserved. You go, you crazy bastard.

#5 Kelly McNutt
@ 11:09 am

Congratulations, L – as for being both on your original website and GoComics, is that something that’s hard to get, typically? Because it seems like it’d be in your best interest (and I’m just cynical enough to wonder about how easy getting something in one’s own best interest would be…) Sorry if the question is indelicate… don’t know if it’s even polite to ask something like that… just wondering.

#6 Scott Metzger
@ 12:54 pm

I’ll say it because someone has to: it’s about freakin’ time.

Congratulations, Lucas. Well deserved.

#7 Steve Sicula
@ 1:20 pm

Well done Lucas. Congratulations.

#8 Tony Piro
@ 5:47 pm

Congrats Lucas. We’re all rooting for you!

#9 David Quintanar
@ 10:11 am

Congratulations, Lucas Turnbloom. I love Clovis.

— I’m new here. Visited the site but never joined. Hi everyone. —

Your success has inspired me to join Comics Sherpa and see how my comic strip JOE BULLET:HOMICIDE fairs.

#10 Garey Mckee
@ 8:04 pm

Hey there David. It’s nice to see someone other than myself that draws a comic strip about law enforcement.

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