Argyle Sweater claims 200 clients in first year

Scott Hilburn’s comic The Argyle Sweater is coming up on its first anniversary as a syndicated comic strip and now appears in over 200 newspapers in the U.S. The strip started as a lowly webcomic on Comics Sherpa before moving up into and landing a development deal for print syndication. The panel comic was quickly signed for a calendar deal with Borders and a line of greeting cards with Recycled Paper Greetings.

12 thoughts on “Argyle Sweater claims 200 clients in first year

  1. I haven’t stopped by in many months, but everytime I go to my local Border’s and see an Argyle calender, book or the big promo signs, I feel very happy for such a funny cartoonist like Scott!

    I still have one of your earlier Sherpa toons hanging above my drawing table. The one with the camels on the beach. Still funny!!

    Congrats and much success to you, Scott!

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