The Daily Cartoonist is back up

Yesterday afternoon The Daily Cartoonist went down. The cause as far as I can determine was a rogue database query that pounded on the server. My hosting company disabled the account to protect other sites hosted on the same server. I’ve not been happy with said hosting company for a while now, so this seemed the perfect time to migrate the blog to a happier place.

I apologize for the downtime. If there is any consolation, it is that this server seems to serve up the blog a little faster than the other hosting company. I will be making further tweaks to it over the weekend to assure that this doesn’t happen again.

Since it is now 2:10 a.m. I’m going to sleep in tomorrow this morning. Expect updates later in the afternoon. Until then, if you see anything awry, please email me.


5 thoughts on “The Daily Cartoonist is back up

    1. I have learned my lesson. I think I’ll revise my rules to state that talking about the Mighty Thor is okay – even if not tied to comics.

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