F Minus collection hits shelves today; appears on NPR

Tony Carrillo’s F Minus has a new collection that is now available in book stores. To commemorate the release, NPR looks at his career thus far and the state of the newspaper industry.

Carrillo was an art student at Arizona State University when he started drawing for the student newspaper. At the end of his senior year, he won a cartooning contest sponsored by MTV and was given a six-month development deal.

Kyrie O’Connor is an editor at the Houston Chronicle, one of the papers that carry Carrillo’s cartoons.

“I just like its quirky take on the world,” he says. “There’s no cute dog, there’s no talking cat, but you know whatever you see there will surprise you and it’s going to be funny.”

4 thoughts on “F Minus collection hits shelves today; appears on NPR

  1. Congratulations Tony. F Minus is a great strip. I read it daily in the Houston Chronicle and think it is one of the best comic strips out there today. It’s nice to see that other folks are recognizing your talent!

  2. Excellent news. F Minus is the only single-panel comic I’ve consistently enjoyed other than Bizarro and The Far Side.

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