Ed Stein may bring back Denver Square

By now many of you are aware that several former Rocky Mountain News journalists are starting a web-only newspaper called In Denver Times. It’s a subscription only product that will launch May 4th if they can gather 50,000 subscribers by April 23. Ed Stein is one of those involved with this venture. He notes on his blog that should the online paper launch, that he’ll be drawing Denver Square again. Ed ended the strip last May and was the last daily local comic strip printed in the United States at the time.

Some of the content for InDenverTimes.com will be available online, but much of it will be only available for paying subscribers.

4 thoughts on “Ed Stein may bring back Denver Square

  1. I applaud the determination and motivation of the crew putting this all together. It’s not only great news for RMN readers, but it has the effect of furthering the evolution of newspapers to assimilate “newspaper content” consumption trends – use the technology, don’t fight it! Keep going, the successful biz models will become evident during the process. Will just take some time.

    I’d like to see how the comics pages fit into this new development…

  2. I just hope they can reach their goal of 50,000 subscribers. Seems high, but at least they’re striking the iron while it’s hot.

    They have a lot of support out in Denver, and ‘Denver Square’ can only enhance the chances of it becoming a success.

  3. Having “Denver Square.” which was very popular in the area, as content you get if you PAY, seems like a good idea that might drive paying subscriptions considerably.

  4. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope they reach their 50,000 subscriber mark. I want this to work!

    Heck, I might buy a subscription just to see more Denver Square.

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