Mashable names 20 of the best webcomics

Mashable, the blog about all things social media, has listed their favorite 20 webcomics.

For years people have taken to the web to create comic strips without fear of censorship or having to answer to print media advertisers. Now there are thousands of web comics, making it difficult to know where to start if you’re new to the genre.

Their list includes:
8-Bit Theater, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Cyanide & Happiness, Diesel Sweeties, FreakAngels, garfield minus garfield, Girl Genius, Homestar Runner, Kevin and Kell, MegaTokyo, Penny Arcade, PvP, Questionable Content, Red Meat, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, The Joy of Tech, UserFriendly, What?s New with Phil & Dixie, and xkcd.

13 thoughts on “Mashable names 20 of the best webcomics

  1. I’m not clear on his distinction between webcomics and print comics. Red Meat is on the list and is considered mainly a print comic but the writer notes it can “also be found online.” All comic strips appear online with the notable exception of Life in Hell. Is this the best 20 strips out of all comics except Life In Hell?

  2. And Homestar Runner is a webcomic?

    It’s web ANIMATION, people. Comic and Animation are different mediums all together.

    If it said best web CARTOONS, then the list might be okay.

  3. Mashable must not know about “Kiskaloo.” That’s the only logical explanation for it’s omission on this list.

  4. Yeah, seriously, where could all those other comics that didn’t make this person’s top 20 be?

    Sure, they could be somewhere outside of his top 20 (maybe in positions 21 through infinity) but that seems too easy.

    Maybe there’s a better explanation, like that my favorite comics are actually above his top twenty, at positions negative nineteen through zero.

  5. I think this is a fine list for the most recognized and popular comics, but frankly I find it boring as heck. This listing of comics breaks no new ground whatsoever. It misses many of my favorites including The Perry Bible Fellowship, Circle Versus Square, and Dinosaur Comics to name a few.

    I think it is far more interesting to tell people something they don’t know rather than something they likely do. Go read Calamities of Nature or Eben 07 or Comic Blasphemy or a bunch of other comics which are just under the radar, but quite exceptional.

    It is as if Mashables just took the top 20 list of trafficked webcomics and presented it as their favorites. Not very original and not very useful at least for me.

  6. I think all those strips deserve the praise they get. I mean, there’s a reason that everyone knows about them.

    That being said, someone in that position would be doing the webcomic business a great service to point people in the direction of lesser known strips, especially those that have a sidebar with links to other webcomics. That way a passerby could get a nice big mouthful of what’s available.

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