Yum. Calvin and Hobbes bento


A friend emailed me a link to a blog dedicated to bento (a japanese single portion box/package meal) proving once again, there’s a blog for every niche no matter how small. This particular blog post was a dedicated bento box to Calvin and Hobbes. See photo below. The blog has many more photos, plus the recipe for those do-it-yourselfers.

I think she did a fantastic job. Probably took her so long the potato salad she used is probably spoiled, but it could have been worse… she could have made a bento of Calvin peeing on Ford or Chevy logo.

UPDATE: Took a few more minutes to browse through her blog and I’m quite impressed. This is not a passing passion of hers. Check out her Where the Wild Things Are, Penny Arcade, Wall-E, or just check out the index of all her work. Quite impressive.

Another UPDATE: My apologies for Anna The Red for my quip that the potato salad was probably spoiled. It wasn’t meant that the food wasn’t edible, but that the intricacies and detail of such a creation had to take a LONG time. As I posted above, I am quite impressed. Sorry for the offense.

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  1. She took umbrage at your comment about the potato being spoiled. She insists that all ingredients are fresh as her boyfriend, the recipient of these meals, will surely attest to.

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