Mike Luckovich does cartoons for pro-newspaper campaign


Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich is adding his cartooning efforts to an advertising campaign to promote the future of print newspapers. The campaign is called The Newspaper Project spearheaded by a group of newspaper executives who “acknowledge the serious challenges facing the newspaper industry in today?s rapidly changing media world, [but] reject the notion that newspapers?and the valuable content that newspaper journalists provide?have no future.”

Mike’s cartoons depict the necessity of newspapers.

Hat tip to Rob Tornoe.

4 thoughts on “Mike Luckovich does cartoons for pro-newspaper campaign

  1. Totally appropriate because Luckovich is just about the best newspaper editorial cartoonist working today. Maybe we need to draw pictures for editors and publishers to spell out why it’s a bone headed idea to eliminate editorial cartoonists from their staffs!

  2. And this campaign is called “Newspaper Executives Pissing in the Wind.”

    When will newspaper executives acknowledge that their FIRST PRIORITY should be to STOP putting their newspaper content online for FREE?

    Yes, newspapers serve a purpose, but that purpose isn’t worth crap if no one is buying the newspaper, providing salaries for folks like editorial cartoonists and keeping them in business.

  3. Wow. There’s enough irony here to get the wrinkles out of a newspaper executive’s 3-piece suit. The executives who are responsible for the laying off of us editorial cartoonists are employing an editorial cartoonist (and I agree that Mike’s about the best) to draw attention to the plight of the executives’ newspapers. Well, go get ’em, Mike, while you’ve still got a job!

  4. All three of you are absolutely right. Full stories online are hurting newspaper sales, along with replacing local editorial/political cartoons with syndicated ones. I wish nothing but the best for syndicated artists, but not at the expense of local cartoonists. Maybe like when Chas. Schulz passed away, we could have all cartoonists draw a special cartoon, to be published on a certain date, for every newspaper which still publishes local works.
    Yes, the editors would have to agree, but aren’t we saving their jobs as well ?

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