NY Post cartoon fall out

Over the weekend, people are still pontificating the impact, meaning of Sean Delonas’ editorial cartoon that ran in the New York Post last Wednesday. Here is a round up of some of the stories and recent developments.

» The NAACP is urging readers of the NY Post to boycott the paper and are calling on the paper to take “serious disciplinary action” on the editor and cartoonist. CNN specifically reported that “serious disciplinary action” means “fire.”

» The Associated Press has posted a video of protest in New York over the weekend.

» Al Sharpton is threatening to collect 1 million signatures to petition the FCC to pull Rupert Murdoch’s (owner of The Post) waiver to own two TV stations and two newspapers. He also wants the city council to review the Post’s employment records because he believes the newsroom staff does not represents the city’s diversity.

» Spike Lee was one of the leading protestors last Friday urging advertisers and readers to boycott the paper.

3 thoughts on “NY Post cartoon fall out

  1. While I see it can be interpreted offensive to some people who still have it diluted in their mind that race is an important factor. It is still, just a comic. Many of those same people i’m sure were concerned about the muslim community taking such a hard stance at depictions of cartoons that they didn’t feel were appropriate.

    Several things i’ve noticed. The most racist people are the ones that still consider there is a racial inequality in our social structure and that Al Sharpton is really pushing it in finding things to fight for.

    I personally do not care. The cartoon was *not* funny and should have just been axed from being shown in the Post to begin with for just that. It probably would have made more sense if the visual representation of obama was a donkey denoting the democrats and he was on his knee’s begging america to accept the plan.

    America, get over it. The social norm is that everyone is equal, the only people who are bringing it up otherwise are the ones fighting for a race cause that doesn’t exist anymore but to those who are fighting the cause itself or the ones who were raised with the backwater mentality that people need to blame someone for their own personal adversities.

    I find comedians on the Comedy Network talking about what a different race does in situations to be more offensive.

    Slap the editor on the wrist for approving it for print and move on to something important like better financing for our educational system.

    – Phil

  2. This whole snitfit – the posturing, the phony outrage, the cynical opportunism, the clueless insensitivity and the media hyperventilation – would make for great comic opera.

  3. I really think you’d have to squint at it, so to speak, to deem it racist.

    Bottom line…

    1) Some people get offended at at stop signs.

    2) The humor was a stretch at best.

    Not Delonas’ best work.

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