Livin’ Large: Life According To Garfield

Jim Davis and Paws Inc. have debuted yet another Garfield spin off cartoon.  The weekly cartoon, entitled Life According To Garfield features the famed fat feline dispensing quick one liners in a single panel format.  Don’t we all wish we could have the marketing and saturation the cranky fat cat enjoys.

7 thoughts on “Livin’ Large: Life According To Garfield

  1. Well look at that.. Garfield does have more than one panel!
    For a minute there, I was wondering what the difference was.
    You learn something new every day.

  2. “its impossible to give a hug without getting one back”

    Just barfed all over my laptop.

    Where is Life According to Garfield Minus Garfield? Imagine Odie hugging thin air with that same caption. How existential.

  3. I hadn’t read Garfield, just glanced at it, for years until a friend told me about Garfield minus Garfield .. . that’s one of my favorites now.

  4. When will we get the panel showing Garfield dress as Charles Foster Kane, dying and uttering the word “Pooky,,,”

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