Comic page changes in LA Times, Times-News

The L.A. Times has announced that they are picking up Jan Eliot’s Stone Soup and Steve Sicula’s Home and Away as replacements for Better or for Worse and Sally Forth.

The Times-News has picked up Dan Thompson’s Rip Haywire as well as writing up a nice profile on Dan.

9 thoughts on “Comic page changes in LA Times, Times-News

  1. I am very upset about your decision to remove Better or Worst and Sally Forth! As a 40 year subscriber and 30 year advertiser of the LA Times, you are making a big mistake! The dumbing down of the comic page continues!

  2. I agree with Judy Webb-Martin. The Times has made a huge mistake in replacing For Better or for Worse.Was it a financial decision,or just plain stupidity!

  3. Looked forward everyday to reading about Sally Forth’s new family dilemmas. The strip has delved into bullying, loss of a job, harrasement on the job, work wives, and numerous other timely issues, all with a clever point of view. Stone Soup,yep fighting over who answers the phone? Bring back Sally! My husband and I have been subscribers to the Orange County edition of the Times for 40 years. We have discussed many times just going with one of the local papers to get better coverage of ours and surrounding areas. We didn’t stay with the Times because of your comic page, but for the breath of coverage in other areas. Losing the California section and putting the weather page at the back of the Business section. Why pay for less enjoyment?

  4. It’s like I told the guy when I called to cancel our sub., “someday you will be out of a job and you can look upstairs for the reason”.

  5. My family and I have been subscribers to the LAtimes for many years. For “comic relief” I have enjoyed the comic strip Rex Morgan, MD.
    What has happened to it????

    Celida Deseran

  6. “Rex Morgan” got dumped in favor of a KenKen puzzle that the Times put in the wake of “Cathy”‘s departure.

    BTW did anybody bother to put in a list of “Cathy” replacements from newspapers?

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