News Briefs for February 16, 2008

» “Where the sidewalk Ends” author, cartoonist, poet Shel Silverstein has a limited engagement at the Raven theater February 5-28th in Chicago. The show is adult only and is described as “as zany, pointed, and poignant but significantly more perverse than his beloved childhood tales and poems.”

» Speedbump creator Dave Coverly is profiled again, this time in the Times Union.

» R. Crumb has an exhibit called “R. Crumb’s Underground” at Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Stephen D. Paine Gallery through March 7.

» Johnny Hart’s grandson’s collaborative comic strip The Dogs of C Kennel can now be found on the John Hart Studio’s web site. The strip was created by Mick Mastroianni and is illustrated by B.C. artist, Mason Mastroianni.

» Cartoonist Arthur Szyk was called a “one-man army” by Eleanor Roosevelt. A long forgotten cartoonist, his work is now on display at the Holocaust Museum in Houston which hosts an exhibit of some 100 of his work.

8 thoughts on “News Briefs for February 16, 2008

  1. “?Where the sidewalk Ends? author, cartoonist, poet Shel Silverstein has a limited engagement at the Raven theater February 5-28th in Chicago. ”

    Silverstein died in 1999. I guess that’s about as limited an engagement as you can have.

  2. That’s what I was going to say, Mike… I thought the dude was dead. I guess I’d go just out of morbid curiosity.

  3. Szyk forgotten? Nay! Try to buy any of his work at a reasonable price. He’s just appealing to a different group these days – fine arts and Judaica collectors. His work is awesome though – anyone close should go see this exhibit.

  4. A few years back the AAEC had its convention in DC. The Holocaust museum there was holding an exhibit of Szyk’s work.
    lf you are going to be in the Houston area do not miss this show. It is absolutely mind-boggling!

  5. It looks like an ensemble theater group will be interpreting Shel Silverstein’s work. Sounds like a fun evening.

  6. Dear Ted Rall,

    As President of the AAEC I think you should find similar Stimulus Bill pork for our members similar to the $50 million shelled out to artists who can’t make it in the free market. If I’m going to subsidize tax payer funded “Crucifix in Urine” and “wtf is that???” on the lawn of my local post office, I would think a few xtra-Large $$$ could come our way. However you couch the request, throw the word “fairness” in it somewhere and it should fly. Thanks, ML

    Alan, I am obviously too stupid to know how to attach my avatar. Pls. advise.

  7. Another nice write up for Speed Bump … well deserved! Congrats to Dave Coverly. Is it wise to profess being content with your current number of papers, or should one always publicly declare the desire to be in more and more papers, just so the syndicate and editors don’t think you’re slackin’??? Just askin’! πŸ˜‰

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