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Big changes afoot for Daily Cartoonist

Beginning today, The Daily Cartoonists takes an evolutionary step toward fulfilling its place as THE news source for professional cartoonists. Up until now, the topics of the blog have been based on what I find interesting and more often than not what I have time to post. I have lamented that many worthwhile stories aren’t getting noticed because of my limited time. To remedy this and be more inclusive to other cartooning professions that haven’t been well represented here (magazine cartoons, animation, webcomics, greeting cards, illustrators and others), I am opening up the blog to you all – The Daily Cartoonist community.

By registering for an account on the blog, you will automatically be given the ability to submit news stories, book reviews, and discussion topics. Once registered, you can also post comments without having to fill out the comment form every time. The names of those who contribute to the blog will be listed on the homepage. A list of all their posts are also listed along with their bio (filled out upon registration), and their web address.

Another change is the use of “gravatars” on the blog. Gravatars or “Globally Recognized Avatars” are the little icons that you’ll see next to the name of the person who submits a blog post or makes a comment. You can create a gravatar for free over at I HIGHLY encourage you all to go over and create one. To make it show up on TDC, simply use comment (or register) with the same email address as the one used over on

Lastly, let me mention one thing. I am committed to maintaining the high quality of topics that you’ve come to expect here. All stories will be reviewed before going live, mostly to assure for issues of libel, accuracy, etc. Another post will review the how to submit a blog post.

Comments on this new change are welcome below. I’ll try to address any questions.

Community Comments

#1 Norm Feuti
@ 8:06 am

Really cool new changes, Alan. I’m very interested to see how TDC evolves going forward.

#2 Bill Hinds
@ 9:19 am

This sounds very cool.

#3 Matt Bors
@ 11:12 am

Gravatar testing 1-2-3.

#4 Ed Hall
@ 2:06 pm

Way to go Alan. Nice idea. Now let’s shake ’em up!

#5 Tom Heintjes
@ 3:19 pm

Testing…and extra credit to whoever knows the artist who drew my avatar!

#6 Daryll Collins
@ 3:22 pm

Also testing/checking in with avatar.

#7 David Cohen
@ 3:22 pm

Looking forward to see what is coming down the pike, Alan!

#8 Danny Burleson
@ 3:29 pm

Very cool! Been hoping for this for awhile.

#9 J Read
@ 3:47 pm

And just what does one do with a Globally Recognized Avatar?

#10 Larry Levine
@ 4:45 pm

Very exciting times ahead for his site!!!

#11 Larry Levine
@ 4:47 pm

Sorry, typo: Very exciting times ahead for THIS site!!!

#12 Kelly Ferguson
@ 7:43 pm

This all sounds really cool. Can’t wait to see the stories everyone posts.

#13 Tom Richmond
@ 8:29 pm

Great direction, Alan. You will probably end up with a handful of regular contributors and get some great content from it.

#14 Anne Hambrock
@ 9:12 pm

Very cool!

#15 John Hambrock
@ 9:46 pm

I’ve never had an avatar before now. Ya gotta love technology!

#16 T.J. Hill
@ 11:10 pm

Very much looking forward to all the new stuff!

#17 T.J. Hill
@ 11:12 pm

Sorry — just a test.

#18 Stacy Curtis
@ 1:45 am


#19 Stacy Curtis
@ 11:08 am

Fun with gravatars!

#20 Wiley Miller
@ 11:43 am

Too much fun, Stacy. Now get back to work

#21 Wiley Miller
@ 11:46 am

Hey, how come my gravatar didn’t show up?

#22 Charles Brubaker
@ 12:23 pm

“Hey, how come my gravatar didn?t show up?”

I can see it, Wiley.

#23 Wiley Miller
@ 12:36 pm

Ah, now all is right with the world!

#24 Tom Wood
@ 1:55 pm

Cartoonists…Always showing off. ;-/

I went minimal, but now it looks…minimal.

#25 Bearman
@ 2:23 pm

Notice the old blog roll is gone. Any chance of keeping the old blog roll or creating a page with the blog roll of those who signed up?

In downtimes, I enjoyed looking at other’s blogs.

#26 Alan Gardner
@ 6:44 pm

I might create a page of links in the future. In an effort to encourage more people to post news themselves (and thus the recognition), I’m only highlighting contributors on the homepage.

#27 RS Davis
@ 9:14 pm

Gravitar! Oooh, great game! But I never could get all the planets cleared of aliens before I crashed…
Wait, are we talking about video games?

#28 Dan Collins
@ 9:45 am

Gravatar testing…1…2…3….

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