KAL creates and designs new credit crunch game

Credit Crunch Board Game

The Economist editorial cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher has created and designed a new board game for this month’s Christmas double edition of the magazine. The game is called “Credit Crunch.” The rules are explained as:

Players start with 500m econos each. One player doubles as banker.

Players move round by throwing four coins and progressing as many squares as they throw heads. If a player throws four heads, he moves forward four spaces and has another turn; if he throws four tails, he throws again. When a player lands on a + square, he collects money from the bank; equally, when he lands on a minus square, he pays the bank.

The aim is to be the last solvent player. In order to achieve this, players try to eliminate the competition. Risk cards encourage players to pick on each other.

Perhaps the shortened description is: “monopoly in a financial crisis.”

Visit the Economist, download the game and hopefully it doesn’t feel too real.