Richard Thompson draws next Stay Tooned! cover

Staytooned Richard Thompson Cover

Just received news from John Read, of Stay Tooned! magazine, that Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson will be the featured cover artist for Issue 3 (see cover above). Richard will be one of the featured cartoonists in the magazine as will Chad Carpenter, Benita Epstein, Jim Scancarelli, Mike Witmer, plus Paul Fell and R.J. Matson. The magazine goes to press in a couple of weeks. If you don’t yet subscribe, I highly recommend that you do. John does great work in his interviews and presentation with the cartoonists he covers. Visit his web site for subscription information.

4 thoughts on “Richard Thompson draws next Stay Tooned! cover

  1. John’s piece on Marcus Hamilton in the first “Stay Tooned” was one of the best cartoonist interviews I’ve ever read. John is picking up very well where good ol’ Jud left off. He’s even using them newfangled computers, I think.

  2. I really like Richard’s illustration. I wasn’t blown away at first because his characters were pretty simple, but I’ve been won over. It’s clearer now why he won Watterson’s endorsement.

  3. Phil, I think that as with the rare accomplished cartoonists, Richard’s work is deceptive in that it only looks simple at first glance. But the more you observe a Richard Thompson cartoon, the more layers of nuance and subtle suggestion are apparent. You can almost get lost in them.

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