Richard Crowson to cartoon for Wichita Magazine

Former Wichita Eagle editorial cartoonist Richard Crowson who was laid off back in September, will now be cartooning for the Wichita Magazine. The monthly magazine has given him a unique opportunity to have free reign with the inside back page. The planned feature which begins in January will be called Wichidog Town and is described as a satirical view of the city drawn as a prairedog town and be in full color.

As to Richard’s other projects since being laid off, he tells me that life outside of the newspaper has presented more opportunities for freelance illustration and to tie personal interests into his artwork. For instance, he’s talking with the local public radio station about providing on-air commentary that ties into cartoons for their website as well as joining his locally recognized bluegrass banjo picking skills into song parodies. He’s also working through Arts Partners, an organization that places artists with schools to do workshops and presentations. He’s also doing volunteer work at a local charity called “Trees for Life.”

Despite some of the obvious pain of losing his job, he appears to be very optimistic.

This layoff thing has been just the kick in the butt I needed to explore some of these possibilities that I’d wanted to get involved in for years. After some 30-odd years of editorial cartooning (some of which were very odd) I’m due for a change. The experiences I’ve had drawing for The Wichita Eagle for the last 21 years, and for The Jackson Sun (in Jackson, Tennessee) for 9 years prior to that, have been rewarding and a real blast, but now I can stretch out a little and it feels good!

You can watch for his new work in January at Wichita Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Richard Crowson to cartoon for Wichita Magazine

  1. See, Richard…?

    I told you during our phone conversation of a few weeks back that you would be able to find new possibilities. I didn’t think you’d be able to do it so quick, though!

    Great news!

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