News Briefs for December 15, 2008

» Bob Schieffer, host of CBS’ Face The Nation program mentioned a cartoon by Houston Chronicle editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson, during yesterday’s programming. Check out the video on Nick’s blog or go to the cartoon that was mentioned.

» Daryl Cagle interviews Canadian editorial cartoonists Patrick Corrigan and Thomas “Tab” Boldt about the wacky year of politics in Canada.

» Rocky Mountain News cartoonist Ed Stein posts a cartoon that hits a bit close to home for those of us who see newspapers as a vital part of a healthy democracy. In that same post, he admits that with the Rocky Mountain News up for sale, he sees himself soon to be unemployed.

» Julie Larson, creator of the nationally syndicated The Dinette Set will be signing books in College Hill.

» Dilbert creator Scott Adams is interviewed by Fortune magazine on how to save your job in a recession. His advice: have as many bosses as you can. That way, if one wants to get rid of you, he/she has to convince the other(s) and maybe one of the others will save your job.

» Morten Morland, won this year’s Political Cartoon Society’s cartoonist of the year in London.

» Dave Horsey explains why one of his cartoons ran in print and web with two or three different versions in the same day as he tried to make it relevant to the ever changing political field in Washington.

» Likewise, Scott Stantis writes (and posts the cartoon) that never saw print because it became outdated overnight due to changing events.