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Christmas cartoon collections popping up

Rich Diesslin, an active TDC participant has launched his sixth annual Carton Days of Christmas (TCDC) on Monday of this month and will run through January 5th. Contributing cartoonists include: Sean Boley, Rich Diesslin, Kevin Edler, Dale Hunt, Larry Miller, H. R., and Lan Hoang Vu (a.k.a. VAL)

Hogan’s Alley has also posted a near complete collection of Christmas card cartoons by Roy Dotty dating back to 1950.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 11:47 pm

Thanks for the mention Alan! Hope y’all drop in. ;)

#2 Alex
@ 6:13 pm

I love Christmas-themed cartoons! I am heading over to TCDC right now! Christmas season is almost here~!

#3 J.G. Moore
@ 3:10 pm

I hope these guys have jobs AFTER Xmas.

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