News Briefs for December 4, 2008

» Washington Post editorial cartoonist Tom Toles will be playing with his band “Suspicious Package” next Monday and Tuesday. The band plays mostly rock covers.

» Atlanta Journal Constitution cartoonist Mike Luckovich was interviewed by Huffington Post and again laments that cartooning the Obama presidency might be tough if he ends up liking the guy. Funny, I thought Mike kinda liked the guy now.

» The editor of The Daily News Tribune (a paper outside of Boston) is happy to report that Dave Grunland will be appearing in his paper – but only as a syndicated cartoonist. Dave was laid off from the MetroWest Daily News (a paper outside of Boston) back in May.

» The first DVDs of the Steve Canyon television show are now available. NBC aired 34 episodes beginning in 1959. Steve Canyon was the creation of famed cartoonist Milt Caniff.

» The New York Times has reviewed Alison Bechdel’s latest book, “The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For” – a compilation of her weekly comic Dykes to Watch out For that she’s produced since 1983. The Times remarks that “her crazy lesbians seem saner than the rest of us, and beyond beautiful.”

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