Mark Tatulli’s Heart of the City turns 10

Mark Tatulli’s Heart of the City is celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 22. The strip is centered on a city girl named Heart and her child-age trials and tribulations.

Some of the storylines in “Heart” that Mark has received the most reader feedback from include his April 16, 2004, strip in which Heart gets caught plagiarizing a school report. The comic garnered positive feedback from librarians who commended Mark for encouraging kids to go to libraries and do research rather than relying solely on the Internet.

Another storyline that generated some attention was from 2000, in which Mark traced the story of Mrs. Angelini’s husband. The series of strips discusses how they met and how he was drafted into service in the Korean War. The plot becomes very emotional when Mrs. Angelini receives a letter informing her that her husband was missing in action. That particular episode was requested to be used in a Cold War history book that the Fort Morgan Museum in Fort Morgan, Colo., was publishing.

Heart of the City, and his other feature Lio are distributed by Universal Press Syndicate.

20 thoughts on “Mark Tatulli’s Heart of the City turns 10

  1. I love “Lio” and it gets all the press, but “Heart” is a great strip with a lot of…well, you know. Anyone that can work in two such disparate styles deserves the accolades he gets. Congrats, Mark!

  2. Mark is one of my favorite cartoonists. Congratulations on ten years of Heart!

    I think it might be the only strip that is supposedly set here in Philadelphia. As a resident I may feel obligated to love the Phillies and cheesesteaks, but my love for Heart is truly unconditional.

  3. All the best, Mark. We all know how hard it is to get a strip published, yet last ten years. It is a true testament to Mark’s talents. Here is to ten more wonderful years.

  4. I’m been reading Heart Of The City for four years and I’ve
    been reading his mega-hit comic Lio for almost a year. Dittos
    to both Heart and Lio, Mark!

  5. All this talk about stripping, cocoa butter, and suppositories is making me uncomfortable.

    Congratulations, Mark on a decade of Heart…(miles and miles and miles of Heart.)..

    Well done!

  6. My many thanks for the well wishes! I am truly blessed to be able to work in this still unique artform and am grateful everyday for a forum to raise my little voice. Though, what all this has to do with venereal disease, cocoa butter, and suppositories, I have no idea. Frankly, I am disgusted by some of these responses…and strangely aroused.

  7. Mark – you are my wife’s favorite (after me, of course)!
    I suppose it’s because of your talent, work ethic, sense of humor, etc….

    Could be the cocoa butter, though.


  8. Needless to say my wife, Judi, and I are so very proud of what Mark has accomplished in his life as well as in his career. However, after reading some of the comments here, I wonder if we may have gone wrong somewhere in raising him. Cocoa Butter, indeed. Do you eat it or wear it? Congratulations, Mark. May your success continue forever.

  9. I’m so disappointed that your comic will know longer run in the Ottawa, ON SUN paper. is there anything you can do to restore it there?

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