Opus ends, in a story book

Final Opus Panel

Berkeley Breathed’s final Opus appeared today. The comic that appeared in newspapers directed readers to the Humane Society’s web site to see the final panel which depicted Opus in children’s storybook, “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown. Berkeley’s own web site appeared to be struggling under the traffic load.

Berkeley reports on his website that the contest to guess Opus’ final resting place received about 6000 entries which included an entry suggesting Opus would replaced the sequined eagle on Elvis’ jumpsuit whilst the “king” spends the eternities on the potty.

As soon as the winner page loads (taking forever, I’ll post the winner).

Update: Berkeley’s site is still slammed. Here are the details from his site:

By the way, if you love Berkeley Breathed’s work (Bloom County, Outland, Opus or his children’s books), check out Amazon.com’s great selection of books.

11 thoughts on “Opus ends, in a story book

  1. No, it’s not you, those are some baaaad thumbs! 😉 Cute ending though, I didn’t see that one coming. Oddly, it does still leave him open to come back … but time will tell.

  2. does anyone have a thought on why opus is reflected in steve’s glasses? if he’s in the storybook, it doesn’t make sense.


  3. I wondered that too, Abe. I initially thought that Opus was going to die, but then I thought he might continue on in children’s books after seeing the last panel.

  4. Sorry folks, loved Bloom County, Liked Opus almost as much but thought Opus should have ended up in his long lost/unknown Mothers lap. About that big screen item, there was a TV 1/2 hour special maybe 10 years ago where Opus saved Santa Claus with the same title. RIP a great Sunday strip.

  5. OK. I can’t find the VCR and tapes (I taped the special way back then) Knowing Opus saved Santa in the show the movies supposed title: “Opus, The last Christmas” may have fooled me. It also may be because it turns out penguins can swim better than fly – “A wish for wings that worked” (or similar). In any event we lost Opus + Bill the Cat again each Sunday morning.

  6. I was kinda hoping that the three gals in the last strip would turn out to be REAL and take him to his wished for Tahitian paradise. It woudda been my choice. ;~))

  7. GAWD! I MISS OPUS!!!! That was my one favorite comic!
    Ok Sugar Buns! I’ll never forget you. May you always live as dear ol’Santa does, in the hearts of kids, (ok, adults).
    Take Care ol’Friend.

    Richard ~~ hardtymes@gmail.com

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